Ramblings lie here

Its sad when people you know became people you knew.

20 February 1991
the supernatural mood themes were taken from causette
the big wolf on campus mood themes were taken from i_icie

Its so hard to fill in a blank space with random tidbits of information about yourself that tell absolutely nothing about who you really are. So, who am I? I am random, I lead a boring life, I obsess easily over anything and everything, my interests change from week to week, as does my layout.

I am currently floating around aimless in life and, for the most part, I'm pretty ok with it seeing as it gives me time to fangirl and just generally waste my life. I dream big and wish I actually had the means to make those dreams come true, but in the end I know I'm just too lazy and unmotivated to do much other than what's required of me. I should be a college student or, at the very least, a tax-paying citizen, but I am not. I am fairly sure that I let fear hold me back and I hate myself daily for it. The something shiny dangles in front of me and I forget everything.

If this pointless, incoherent babble didn't put you to sleep, go right a head and add me. I'm actually not always this depressing =)