BWoC- tommy/merton

I don't think so!

How dare they! How dare they try to make me feel ashamed of any part of me. How dare they whisper and giggle and make jokes about me just out of earshot.

Yes I am bisexual, and I am PROUD. I am so fucking proud to stand up and say that I am HUMAN. I am near sighted. I am clumsy. I am socially awkward. I am a brutally honest bitch. I am imperfect and I am BISEXUAL.

No I might not be your ideal, but I am PERFECT. I am absolutely perfect just the way I am, flaws and all.

So fuck you, you immature dicks. I am BISEXUAL. I AM PROUD. And you will never NEVER make me feel ashamed for something that nobody should ever be ashamed about.
BtVS- Spike

I quit

life. Work. Existing. I just quit it all.

But seriously, I did quit my job. Been a long time coming too I can tell you. Ugh, I don't think it actually hit me but I'm so fucking glad I don't have to do that shit every day anymore.

Also, WHAT UP WITH KILLING KAKASHI SHIPPUUDEN?!??!?!? I have no idea if I already geeked out about this or not but I absolutely refuse to believe it. But if its true, Pain is in for a world of hurt. Naruto is going to tear that motherfucker limb from limb. Not even gonna lie.

I hate my life.